Saturday, May 31, 2008


I have arrived here in Paraguay, and so far things are going well. My host family is wonderful and have taken me in like there own. The food has been good so far and should continue to be. I expect to lose some weight (which I need to do) and I suspect that I will be a bit more healthy. The food here is more natural than the food at home. Language? Uhm, yes the Jopara (Spanish mixed with Guarani) is rather difficult, but my family says that I will learn quickly. I hope I do.

He llegado aqui in Paraguay. Hasta ahora todo me va bien. My familia con quien vivo aqui is fabulosa. Me han brindado todo y haba abierto su casa como si yo fuera uno su hijos. La comida ha sido rica y parece que toda la comida sera media rica. Parece que me voy a bajar de peso ( eso es bueno para mi....el pansón) y creo que sera yo, sano. La comida aqui me parece mas natural que la comida en EEUU. Lenguaje? Ehhh, si, Jopara ( Espanol mezcaldo con el Guarani ) es un poquito dificil, pero me dice mi familia que lo aprendaré rapidisimo. Eso, yo espero.

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