Monday, May 5, 2008

The Next step may prove more difficult./ El proximo paso puede ser lo mas dificil

Phew!! Now that school is complete I can concentrate on trying to prepare for my tour in the Peace Corps. I honestly thought that once school was complete it would be easier to focus. However, the difficulty now is actually following through with doing this. I thought it would be easy to leave, like any other trip. But of course, this one is much different. 27 months away from my home and my girlfriend is going to be A LOt more difficult than I had orginally anticipated. I try not to let it show, but I think I'm a nervous wreck. This is not good! Or on the other hand, maybe this is normal...who knows....

Ahhhh, Ahora que he terminado con mis estudios puedo concentrarme en la preparacion para mi turno en el Cuerpo de Paz. En veradad, yo pensaba que cuando termine este semestre seria mas facil enfocarme en la preparacion. Sin embargo, la dificultad ahora es seguir con mis planes de ir y cumplir mi acuerdo con el Cuerpo de Paz y fisicamente pisar el avion para comezar mi turno. Pense que seria facil alejarme, como cualquier otro viaje. Pero claro este viaje sera pero muy diferente. 27 meses lejos de mi familia y novia va a ser MUCHO mas dificil que anticipaba antes. Trato de no demostrar el estres de que estoy sufriendo, pero en verdad siento que me estoy volviendo loco emocionalmente. Esto no es bueno....o tal vez es normal.....quien sabe.


Michelle Nabors said...

Good luck, Mark! I look forward to reading about your adventures. All the best!

Dee Dee said...

Hola Guapo:-)
How did you grow up so fast? No es posible:-) Never having been there, I cannot wait to read about Paraguay through your eyes! You will be such a wonderful role model for all you encounter. Just know that my thoughts and prayers will be will you throughout this special time in your life~ You will love it and they will love you!
Dee Dee Stafford

Anonymous said...

Wishing you all the best! Let us know if there is anything you might need while you're in Paraguay! Can't wait to read about your experiences! Good luck nd safe travels - Renee Yuen

isejuhtuv said...

Hey Mark!
Wishing You all the best on your journey!!
Cant wait to read about Paraguay already.
Greetings from Estonia ;)

Anonymous said...

Mark, how excited I am for you. I hope that you have the time of your life. I am looking forward to reading about your journey. Have fun and be safe.


Kati said...

Mark You'll do wonderful amazing things...just being there will accomplish that.

I must tell you, that focus you desire is not easily attainable but requires pulling from your inner strength. On the other hand, too much focus keeps you from smelling the roses. Just buckle up and you'll do great!