Sunday, July 13, 2008


Since beginning training her in Paraguay, all of the volunteers have become pretty close. We are all experiencing many of the same things and given that we only have each other to talk to about our experiences, it has brought us together like a little family. In an effort to get to know each other better, we decided we would write poems titled ``Where I´m From``. Each of us wrote poems about our home towns, families and other things that are important to us. At the beginning I thought this was one of the most stupid ideas I had ever heard of. When my day finally came to share, I decided to give it my best shot. After receiving ver good feedback from my poem I have decided to post it. Please let me know what you think of it. I didn´t like it a first, but the process was fun. If you liked it let me know and maybe I will continue to write. See Poem below.    Unitl Next time!




I am not from the mixing bowl, or a place well known.

Many of you have heard of it, but have never visited my home.


I am from prominent and pervasive plains...clean air, lots of space, and we know all of our neighbors by name.


I am from dirt, dust and tractors.

Where I come from the local church, in our lives, is still a major factor.


I am from a family were house rules are not broken and most are simple, mostly based biblical principal.


I am from discipline that might include a switch, hand or belt, but always ends with a kiss a hug and conversations that are memorable and heartfelt.


I am from a family of loud talking, shouting, cooking, dancing and music. Respecting your siblings was expected "Now, now you know the choose it."

I am from going grocery shopping at a family.


I'm from skating rinks, skating parties and couple skates.

I am from parents who lived, saw and experienced brutal race relations, but have encouraged me to express and share love and compassion with other nations.


I am from Oklahoma. I am from the Black side of town. I am from the white side of town. I am from the "no-body-wants-to-go-to-side-of-town" This side is usually full of the other brown people, restaurants, cumbia ranchera and duranguense music. Also on this side of town, some of the most loving, compassionate and caring people can be found.


I am from heartfelt smiles & firm handshakes. I am from Sunday entertainment that includes a drive around the lake.


I am from big sky sunrises and sunsets, slow living that's free from the complex.


I am from a place where a "how are you?" is followed by an "I'm doing fine"... a conversation ensues because we are not as concerned about time.

However, I am also from one of the many places that populate the military and for you, we put our necks on the line.


I am from a place where the list of professional dress items will likely include cowboy boots.


Lastly, I am from the United States. Were many flaws exist. However, given my race, the U.S. has done more for me than any other place.




Renee Y said...

Very nice poem! For someone who thought this was a stupid idea, you sure did a great job!

Melissa said...

Mark - I love the poem. I'm almost speechless...almost.