Sunday, July 20, 2008

Making Cocido

If you have never heard of Cocido, Cocido is charred tea and sugar. You blend this together and then add boiling water. It is delicious. I drink it every morning at breakfast. What´s even more fascinating is seeing how it is made. One usually mixes the sugar and tea together dry. Next your drop a flaming piece of charcoal in the dry mix and scoop the tea and sugar over the piece of flaming coal to char the tea and somewhat carmelize the sugar. Once charred really well, you dump this mixture into boiling water. You then remove the charcoal shortly after and drink what´s left.This is calicious.


Ki said...
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Ki said...

Hi, Mark.
I really like your video. It's exactly what I was looking for. You literally have to drop the piece of charcoal into the water. lol I really miss Paraguay, my friends and specially the Chipas with hot cocido. ha haha ha She rohaihu Paraguay.