Thursday, April 16, 2009

I continue....

I've been home for a while now. But I still find it difficult to put it all into words. A little less than 60 days ago, I was in a country that was proud to no longer rank in the top 3 most impoverished countries in the Western hemisphere, a country that is also proud to NO LONGER be ranked in the top 5 most corrupt countries in the world. Paraguay has changed a lot over the last decade. Nevertheless, I was born in the U.S. and any comparison another country is shocking to say the least. Though I go through the motions, know how to behave socially and based upon all appearances look "normal", I think I am anything but normal. I don't know if I will ever be the same again. It's a good feeling and at times a painful feeling. I am sometimes filled with pride to be in my country of birth and see the great and wonderful things that have been accomplished. I am filled with pride to see the good things that our country does across the world. In the same moment, I am sometimes pained to see how short sighted we (I) as Americans can be. This has nothing and everything to do with our political and economic situation. I'm not attempting to describe any one particular issue or person. If I could sum it up in one illustration, it would be that I am sometimes saddened how our culture and society (individuals, politicians and parents) will choose expediency over what is the obvious good for our country. I love my country and would trade it for no other. I guess, it is the deep love for my country that allows me to care as much as I do.

On a lighter note, I continue looking for employment and am open to any ideas that you may have. This weekend I took sometime off from my job search and enjoyed a wonderful Easter Sunday. Below you will see a picture of Karla and I before heading to church. God bless and may he keep you in his love and guidance.

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