Thursday, September 18, 2008

word on the street....Las ultimas noticias

Word on the street is that the volunteers in Bolivia are being evacuated for political reasons. This means that they will be coming to Paraguay. This could be an interesting event, or maybe each of us will get some help in our sites.  Who knows, I´ll keep you posted.
Las ultimas noticas son que los voluntarios en Boliva se estan evacuando por la situacion politica. Dicen que es probable que ellos llegan a Paraguay y terminan su servicio aqui. Vamos a ver que pasa. Puede ser muy pesado aqui o un apoyo necesitado aqui en Paraguay. 


Sidney said...

Thanks for security update in your region. Security situation remains stable in most of Western Europe/Scandinavia.

The Cupp Crew said...

Hi MAC! Just thinking of you and praying for you! -Amanda Cupp